Community Guidelines

Brezaa Comunity Guidelines

Must be 18+

Users must be 18 and over in order to use the Brezaa App.

Be respectful

Brezaa will not tolerate any form of harassment or hate speech from its users. All users should treat each other with respect.

Do not pretend to be someone else

Users must not impersonate other people or present photos of other people as themselves. If you are found to be doing so your account will be suspended immediately.

Don't share private information

Users should avoid sharing private information with each other, such as their address, National Insurance Number or details about their daily routine. Users should also never share the private information of others.

Don't do anything illegal

Do not use Brezaa to do anything illegal.

Report All Suspicious Behavior

If any user is acting suspiciously or behaving offensively, report them within the app and we will investigate and take the appropriate action.

Don't upload/send inappropriate photos

Uploaded images that Brezaa deems inappropriate will be taken down and the user who uploaded/sent the images might be banned from the app.

Do not upload photos of kids by themselves

Users may only upload photos with kids if adults are also in the photo and they are also fully clothed.

Advice for keeping dating safe

Tell friends or family about your date

Make sure someone knows who you are meeting, where you will be and what time you are meeting your date. Always take your phone with you and share your location with a trusted contact if your device allows it.

Meet somewhere public

For your first few dates meet in public where there will be other people around, we recommend never meeting in your or your date's home until you feel comfortable with the person.

Take control of your transport

Make sure you are in charge of your transport, not relying on your date, so you are able to leave whenever you want.

Do not leave your drinks or personal belongings unattended

Do not leave your drinks unattended and make sure you know where your drink has come from. Always keep personal belongings on you at all times.