Brezaa is the dating and social engagement app designed to make meeting up a breeze locally and globally

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Vision and Mission

Brezaa's mission is to improve the meet-up experience, by helping people overcome the difficulties encountered during the process. We want to shift away from lame pick-up lines and awkwardness while facilitating on-demand meet ups.

Our vision is to bring a whole new meet-up experience, where support is provided at all stages. We want people to build meaningful relationships and just meet.


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Brezaa was conceptualised in 2018 when our founder and CEO Sol had an idea that would change how we currently use dating apps while playing a guessing game with friends.

Using market research, he found that most experiences with dating apps involve awkward and pointless conversations between people who have nothing in common. Brezaa was designed to solve these issues.

We developed a highly accurate interest matching system and fun personalised icebreakers that help people find meaningful connections, easily start a conversation and get a head start.

Brezaa is also a local engagement platform helping its users find new friends by connecting them with like-minded people in their locations.

Brezaa name meaning

While on a sunny summer holiday, our CEO watched couples laughing whilst soaking up the rays by the beach. A gentle breeze blew, and he had an insight: dating should be like this breeze; easy and enjoyable.

Brezaa was conceived, with the vision of “making dating a breeze”. Inspired by that scenario, he decided two waves should be incorporated into the logo design above the “b”, representing two individuals meeting in an easy-breezy way.